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Letter to America: Shooting Party

by | Friday 11 December 2015

Dear Americans, I know you won’t mind me raising the subject but there is a deal of concern in Australia about your rather gung-ho attitude to guns. With so many
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The ‘Weak’ in Politics: #USElections Wrap up Nov 28th 2015

by | Sunday 29 November 2015

Alexandra Tselios says don't diss the celebrity supporters influence on an election, and Roger Pugh's theories on God's preferred candidate
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Letter to America: Dynastically Unenthusiastic

by | Wednesday 25 November 2015

Roger Pugh is worried that Presidential dynasties in the US could lead to someone like Chelsea Clinton or Prince Charles becoming President.
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All the things Trump said: For better or worse

by | Monday 23 November 2015

Jordan King-Lacroix weighs in on the latest Trump scandal, speculating that what he insinuated was far more dangerous than what he said.
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The ‘Weak’ in Politics: #USElections Wrap up Nov 22nd 2015

by | Sunday 22 November 2015

Your 'weak' in US politics: It was a week of misunderstandings, with Trump's comments modified, Bernie's socialism questioned and a polling Deja Vu.
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Letter to America: The Impotence of One

by | Tuesday 17 November 2015

Letter to America "There is concern in Australia that while your President is reputedly the most powerful man in the world he currently ranks at best sixth in the Middle
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The ‘Weak’ in Politics: #USElections Wrap up Nov 15th

by | Sunday 15 November 2015

In this weeks 'weak' in US politics, we look at how Republican and Democratic candidates responded to the tragic attacks in Paris.
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Letter to America…from Roger Pugh

by | Tuesday 10 November 2015

Roger Pugh is concerned about the Republican Candidates in this race, and penned a letter from Australia
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The ‘Weak’ in Politics: #USElections Wrap up Nov 8th

by | Sunday 8 November 2015

In this weeks 'weak' in politics we look at Carly Fiorina's 'demented' face controversy, who got spat on at a Trump rally and why Ben Carson campaigners are so busy
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The First Global Sports Fan: Sam Brown

by | Wednesday 4 November 2015

Roger Pugh pays tribute to a global sporting pioneer and his great affinity with the Kansas City Royals.
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The Weak in Politics: Your #USElections Wrap up Nov 1st

by | Sunday 1 November 2015

Here is the weak in US politics wrap up! Hillary battles emoji's and protestors, Trump is back on SNL and Bernie Sanders doesn't kiss babies.
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The third Bush on the right

by | Saturday 31 October 2015

Everything, as the euphemism goes, is bigger in Texas. The biggest thing in the Lone Star state this year, is expectation. Expectation that hides in the jittery hands of Jeb
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