Letter to America: Checking the Baggage

by | Monday 21 March 2016

Sydney Australia
March 2016
Letter To America
Checking The Baggage

G’day Americans,

It’s apparent that quite a few of you have totally had it with politicians. You seem to have concluded that if you’re mad enough to vote for them they’ll be mad enough to carry on as usual.

It astounds us down here that politicians continue to trash Trump when it sends their poll numbers down and his up. It seems it would only take a couple of Bernie’s supporters to break through security and bash Trump onstage at a rally to guarantee his ascent to the White House.

Your politicians seem unable to grasp that Trump is a monster of their making. The more they excoriate him the more he monsters them. If only they’d start complimenting him the folks would soon work out he’s no better than they are.

The Republican Party establishment has obviously acquired too much baggage for any candidate to carry.

Arguably Jeb would have performed better in the primaries if he’d been the brother of El Chapo.

Christie would have given the Presidency a real shake without the backing of the Republican establishment. The establishment where he has lunch would have had much more appeal.

The Hispanic establishment in Florida wouldn’t even accept the Republican establishment in the image of Rubio and now Kasich remains its sole caretaker prior to the sell-out to Trump .

The support of the Tea Party deems Cruz a semi-politician but the trouble is he’s evangelical as well and these days that’s out of fashion politically. The folks even ignored the Pope’s advice about Trump.

It’s true that Bernie’s a politician but the folks have never seen anything like it before and it’s scarcely credible that anyone who is a true politician would want to destroy Wall St.

Hillary is a prominent member of the Democratic Party establishment but the folks seem to be of the opinion that as a woman she can’t be blamed for it.

It seems that politicians have built a huge wall between themselves and the folks out there and they’ve failed to get the Mexican government to pay for it.

Have as Trump-free an Easter as possible.

Roger Pugh