Letter to America: Shooting Party

by | Friday 11 December 2015

Dear Americans,

I know you won’t mind me raising the subject but there is a deal of concern in Australia about your rather gung-ho attitude to guns.

With so many crazies and terrorists around it hardly seems prudent to have three hundred and fifty million guns in private hands unless you’re intent on creating a retro Wild West society with regular Gunfights at the OK Corral.

We were absolutely gobsmacked by the reactions up there to the latest mass shooting which included calls for even more people to carry guns and even kids at school. While teachers have come to expect a higher incidence of student assaults they’re hardly ready to become target practise for trainee terrorists.

If things keep going like this we’re expecting a travel advisory from the Australian government recommending that travellers to the US should wear body armour.

Sean Hannity on Fox News is fond of saying ‘Guns don’t kill people, people kill people’ but surely crazies and terrorists find it much easier to kill people if there’s a gun handy.

Look we understand the Second Amendment is there to protect you from armed oppression by your government but given that Obama seems reluctant to oppress even Islamic State it’s difficult to believe he’d sanction shooting at US citizens.

Experts are confident that all this shooting activity around the country will soon put the US in a position to be a net exporter of terrorism.

The last thing any Australian should do in this situation is presume to offer advice. There was a mass shooting here several years ago, the government took the decision to remove the vast majority of guns from the hands of private citizens and we haven’t had one since. However the NRA referred to this policy as ‘childish’ and that’s undoubtedly true because it saved the lives of many children.

Just a thought. In view of the fact that the Second Amendment has already been amended perhaps it wouldn’t be that big a deal to amend it again.

Go the Warriors

Roger Pugh