Letter to America: Trump can’t be all that bad…(?)

by | Wednesday 23 December 2015

Sydney Australia
21st December 2015
Letter to America
He Can’t Be All Bad

Dear Americans,
I hope you don’t mind me discoursing about Donald again but he seems to be the only thing happening in the US at the moment.

Without question he’s the most painful, politically incorrect presidential threat since George Wallace but on the other hand he is currently the preferred presidential candidate of 35% of Republicans and surely not all of them can be replicas of Sarah Palin.

So I decided he merited further consideration and as a result have a confession to make. I now accord Donald an occasional cheer – not particularly loud and not within earshot of anyone – as a mark of respect for his efforts in pricking the bubble of political correctness and the moral outrage brigade.

Please understand that I’m not deeming all political correctness and moral outrage to be as demented as Donald, just some of it.

All too often the most sincere and admirable of citizens are labelled ‘phobes, racists or bigots by moral outragers who make Donald look like a model of moderation.

Even the most worthy among us can get slagged off for pointing out the bleedin’ obvious like Obama’s response to terrorism having characteristics similar to the Cleveland Browns’ defense and a wall along the Southern Border being the way to reduce drug imports and give both Mexico and the US a greater sense of national identity.

Suddenly along comes Donald the politically incorrect Knight on the White Charger to confound the chorus of moral outrage and bring renewed hope of the politically correct siege being lifted.

Thanks to him there’s a chance the US may once again become the land of the free where it’s possible to ask questions about gay marriage, climate change, Muslim immigration and Hillary’s emails without being bracketed with Dick Cheney.

In no way should this be construed as an argument for Donald becoming President. However if he makes a definitive contribution to turning back the tide of political correctness and identifying its rightful place in modern society then his contribution to the evolution of mankind in the twenty-first century will have been invaluable.

Happy Christmas Shopping

Roger Pugh