Letter to America…from Roger Pugh

by | Tuesday 10 November 2015

Sydney Australia
11- 9-2015
Letter to America

Of Primary Concern

Dear Americans,

We love your work so far in the Presidential primaries especially on the Republican side.

Australians have never been backwards in coming forwards to punish our politicians but we are in awe of the polls indicating you propose to dump yours in favour of Carson and Trump.

We see this as a giant leap forward in renewing the democratic process. If it ever reached the stage where Presidential elections only offer a choice between the same old political deadbeats and dynasties then darker forces like Fox News or the Huffington Post might take the opportunity to intervene.

On the other hand we recognise the considerable risk you’re taking given that Carson and Trump might turn out to be Presidential plonkers. There’s a chance the US economy may not respond to a surgical procedure to remove Obamacare nor a Miss Foreign Policy Pageant but having suffered through sixteen years of George W and Obama we understand they’re worth a try.

We recognise that this refreshing rebellion must come as a terrible shock to Jeb given his conviction he’s the member of the Bush family who could finally do the Presidency right. Possibly his most serious handicap is being the favoured candidate of the Republican Party establishment whose image in Australia is similar to Spectre.

We’re intrigued by how much this anti-political establishment motivation will impact on Hillary. We appreciate she’s contending with Bernie but despite all the indications to the contrary we understand he’s still claiming to be a politician.

Hillary is perceived in Australia as a sort of cross between Wonder Woman and the Wicked Witch of the North. We’re frankly worried however about the prospect of her creating a Clinton dynasty. Surely the experience with George W was enough to discourage further dynastic dalliances with Hillary and Jeb. And if that’s not enough please keep in mind what a dynasty has done for North Korea.

We note Hillary has taken up arms against the NRA. We applaud that move and sincerely hope she defends herself more effectively than the embassy in Benghazi.

You can count on our absolute support in your noble quest to upset the political establishment. And if in the final analysis the Republicans opt to revert to Jeb or Marco we shall still credit them with a brave try and inspiring us to dare to dream about a political climate change in Australia.

Go Ben and Donald!

Roger Pugh