Letter to America: The Impotence of One

by | Tuesday 17 November 2015

Sydney Australia
Letter to America

The Impotence of One

Dear Americans,

There is concern in Australia that while your President is reputedly the most powerful man in the world he currently ranks at best sixth in the Middle East behind Putin, the Ayatollah, Netanyahu, whoever’s in charge of IS and a Sheikh.

Having consistently followed his lead in Middle East policy Australia now feels like it’s up the Suez Canal in a refugee boat.

We were right behind him when he left Iraq but unfortunately so was ISIL. Now we’ve joined his campaign to bomb them out of Iraq and Syria as well but we’re faced with the fact it’s having about as much effect as George Pataki’s Presidential campaign.

On top of all that there’s the nuclear deal with Iran who have developed the conning of US Presidents into an exquisite art form.

Understand that Iraq was a fourth down and fifty handed over by George W but it was Obama who didn’t award the penalty that he’d threatened when Assad crossed over the line into the red zone.

Although still rock solid behind the US we have to admit to being somewhat apprehensive about which Middle East dead-end Obama intends leading us down next.

The future doesn’t seem to hold any cause for greater optimism. What chance has Hillary got of saving the Middle East when she couldn’t even save the embassy at Benghazi?

Now we wouldn’t want you to think that we only derive discontent from our relationship with the US. We benefit enormously from regular visits by Oprah and aircraft carriers and serves of McDonalds hash browns at only a dollar a time. I’m just making the point that we don’t get fries with everything.

We’re now living in trepidation about what Obama plans to do to ISIL in retaliation for Paris. We’re just hoping against hope that it won’t be a reopening of the Palestinian–Israeli peace talks, sending John Kerry to talk to somebody or other or a nuclear dis-armament deal with Cuba.

We are encouraged by the news of proposed bi-lateral action with Putin and sincerely hope it will lead to Assad being transferred to Moscow and sharing digs with Edward Snowden.

However before following Obama any further into the sunset over the Middle East Australia would at least like to be assured that he hasn’t appointed Bernie Sanders and Jane Fonda as his policy advisors.

Go the Patriots

Roger Pugh