The ‘weak’ in US politics: 20th March 2016

by | Sunday 20 March 2016

The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Alexandra Tselios

I dig real talk. So when Bernie Sanders described his defeat in many Southern States this past week as being “creamed” by the Clinton camp, I liked him even more. The guy is real. With many voters saying they don’t trust Clinton, the results are continually swinging in her favour however, with currently 1,614 delegates to Bernie’s 856 (as of March 21st 2016). Sanders says that he is hopeful that the West Coast will prove to be more his people. He is loved though, with The Big Smoke readers last week voting him as the President most Australian’s want to see win this next election (Trump came in second).

Meanwhile, with the recent departure of Marco Rubio; the race between Trump and Cruz heats up. Breitbart reports a recent poll suggestion Cruz is poised to take the lead in the upcoming Utah caucus. Depending on what happens in Utah, I am calling that Kasich will drop out after that caucus. Mitt Romney continues to back Ted Cruz, with even Cher saying that if Trump wins she is moving to Jupiter (She can afford a SpaceX seat). Speaking of Rubio, Janet Reitman wrote an interesting analysis for Rolling Stone on ‘What went wrong‘ with that campaign which is worth reading in it’s entirety. I personally expected Rubio to last a lot longer than this, at least our campaign-ing Kasich, but not even the $25million spent on advertisements could help him it seems.

Last week I discussed the Republican parties efforts to derail Barry Goldwater in 1964, successfully, with the recent airing of an effective ad campaign (and the win of Johnson). It looks that history will repeat itself, with news that Republican leaders are launching an aggressive 100 day campaign to avoid a Trump nomination. Strategies include exposing weaknesses in the Trump campaign, targeted messages to Trump supporters and even fielding an independent candidate into the election.

There will be a lot to read over the next 100 days, luckily I will be sitting here doing it for you.

The “Weak” in Politics as seen by Roger Pugh

Heard in Congress
“Why do you think Trump attracts so much hostility?”
“I think it’s because of an expectation that the Second Coming would be much more like the First”

Heard at Republican Party HQ
“I see Hillary claims she’s not a natural politician”
“Well now I’m totally confused because she obviously isn’t a normal person”

Heard at Democratic Party HQ
“Why do you think Bernie appeals so much to younger people?”
“Because if he becomes President he’d at least be one member of the ageing population who wouldn’t be a burden to them”

Heard at Hillary’s campaign HQ
“Do you think Trump will be Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court?”
“Yes but only for high treason”

Heard at Rubio’s campaign HQ
“How come Trump beat Marco in Florida when it has such a large Hispanic population?”
“Most of them must be wall builders”